Microlearning for artists.

What we are doing.

Selling online microlearning courses to artists by building an online community of them.

What we are testing.

The viability of teaching music online with microlearning courses of 15 minute a day.

How we are doing it.

MVP of two courses.
Singing and Music Marketing.

Just as business schools are for business people, Weartist is for the artists who want to grow in their careers.

Our motivation is to create educational programs built by professionals for future talents, distributed via online and with affordable prices.

Artist School

Buyer persona research.

Musicians above the age of 16 who have a current musical project.

Customer Journey design.

Analysis of the stages of the process of a musical project to create content that engages with our buyer persona and aligns with the purchase pains of our product.

User Experience (UX)

Development of a simple and modern web process that facilitates the registration of leads and the purchase of courses.

Marketing Automation
& Personalization

We created a simple and automated registration process with welcome emails, follow-up and progressive qualification of contacts.

The platform we use to manage marketing automation is Mautic, executed in Google Cloud, and chosen for its open source architecture and low startup costs.

Nurturing Workflows

From Lead to Student. Marketing Automation that helps us nurture our lead database in order to show our educational offer to potential students at the right time.

Progressive Qualification
& Segmentation

Different communication flows, forms and interactions to learn more about our leads and classify them according to their artistic goals.